Beaphar Small Animal Milk

Beaphar Small Animal Milk

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Beaphar Small Animal Milk is a complete milk replacement feed for newborn and orphaned rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, degus, and hedgehogs weighing more than 50g. Beaphar Small Animal Milk has been specially formulated to ensure low lactose levels of just 1.1% and a high fat content to closely resemble their mother’s natural milk. The recipe contains high-quality, easily digestible proteins, and added vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including Vitamin C, iron, zinc and calcium, to support optimum growth and development. Beaphar Small Animal Milk can also be used for weaning small animals, or as a conditioning food for pregnant, lactating, sick or convalescing animals.

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Beaphar Small Animal Milk, including answers from our team.

12 June 2023 at 8:22pm


Wildlife Rescuer

Why am I unable to find a full list of ingredients anywhere?

  • VioVet Staff


These are the ingredients for this item:

Ingredients: oils and fats, milk products and milk by-products, sugars and minerals.
Analytical constituents: crude protein 35%, crude fibres 0%, crude fat 37%, crude ash 4.6%, moisture 3.3%, calcium 0.72%, phosphorus 0.49%, sodium 0.44%, magnesium 0.023%, potassium 0.19%, sulphur 0.023%, lactose 1.1%.
Additives per kg: vitamin A 15000 IU, vitamin B1 4.9mg, vitamin B2 3mg, vitamin b6 15mg, vitamin B12 150mg, vitamin C 2300 mg, vitamin D3 2000 IU, vitamin E 75 IU, biotin 550mg, vitamin K3 10mg, calcium d-pantothenate 75mg, niacinamide 180mg, Fe (3b103) 180mg, I (3b201) 0.25mg, Mn (3b503) 100mg, Se (3b801) 0.25mg, Zn (3b605) 90.1mg.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

11 October 2022 at 5:46pm


Richard dordoy

Am looking for a liquid iron supplement

  • VioVet Staff

I recommend using an iron supplement intended for use in rabbits rather than a milk product. Unfortunately there are no iron only supplements, however a general use support supplement will also provide iron. VetCal Pro Gel High Calorie Supplement would be a good choice, especially if your rabbit needs the extra iron as they are recovering from an illness.

14 August 2021 at 3:54pm

Milk replacer for baby bat


Our veterinary clinic often has baby bats needing hand-rearing - would this milk replacer be suitable?
Thanks in advance!

  • VioVet Staff

There are no bat specific milk replacers on the market unfortunately. However this product is suitable for

rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, degus, and hedgehogs weighing more than 50g. Bats are omnivorous mammals and this milk replacer is suitable for similar small mammals. It is highly likely this is the most suitable option however there is no research proving this milk replacer would be safe or not. I recommend contacting your local wildlife center for advice on suitable milk replacers as they would be in the best position to answer.

21 May 2021 at 8:20pm

Small animal milk


can I use small animal milk for a two an half year old guinea pig to mix with antibiotics to mask the taste?
is the milk tasty and latched onto by guinea pigs easily?

  • VioVet Staff

I do not recommend using milk like this in an adult guinea pig. The digestive system will no longer be adapted to digest milk and it could cause stool abnormalities.
I recommend using a paste feed intended for use in Guinea Pigs. FibrePlex would be a great choice as it also contains a probiotic to support the intestinal system with the antibiotics being given. Oxbow critical care is also a good option, this is a liquid feed intended for use in adult Guinea Pigs. Both are grass/fibre based so should be tasty to your Guinea Pig.

3 April 2021 at 9:24am

Feeding a baby squirrel


I am currently feeding a 4 week squirrel with Beaphar kitten milk - would the small animal milk or puppy milk be better suited to a squirrel’s nutritional needs?

  • VioVet Staff

Kittens are carnivores whilst squirrels are Omnivores, similar to hamsters/hedgehogs etc that the Small Animal Milk is intended for. It is therefore likely the Small Animal Milk is more appropriate. However it was not formulated with squirrels in mind so I cannot be 100% certain of this, any use in squirrels is off license.

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