Beaphar Insecticidal Spray for Birds

Beaphar Insecticidal Spray for Birds

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Beaphar Insecticidal Bird Spray is a veterinary medicine for on-animal use. Contains Permethrin and is useful to clear common external parasites of cage & aviary birds. Contains sufficient spray to treat up to 100 small birds.

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18 September 2021 at 1:46pm

How safe?


I was just wondering how safe this would be to spray onto an untame budgie whilst he is in his cage?
Would it harm him if he breaths the spray in?
I am trying to treat possible air sac mites. He has had one dose of spot on which was extremely tricky to apply, so I am wondering if the spray would be easier?

  • VioVet Staff

Dosing instructions for this medication are pasted below:

Hold the bird firmly and spray for a few seconds from a distance of
25-30 cm. Start at the rear of the bird and work towards the head. For
small birds, use 1-2 pumps; for large birds, use 3-5 pumps. Spray
against the natural lay of the feathers. Spray only the complete
feather-deck (not parts of it). Do not spray directly on to the head or
non-feathered parts. To treat the head, spray liquid on a towel or glove
and rub it over the feathers. All birds sharing a cage or aviary should
be treated at the same time. Ensure good ventilation during and after
the treatment. Repeat if necessary after 14 days. It is recommended that
a plastic glove is used on the hand holding the bird. If you wish the
product to have residual activity, remove bath water as Beaphar
Insecticidal  Bird Spray is active for up to two weeks provided the
birds do not bathe. Beaphar Insecticidal Bird Spray is intended for use
on the bird itself. It is ideal if you have a lot of birds to treat as
it contains sufficient for 50 to 100 small birds. If you are trying to
control red-mite, remember that they mainly live off-animal in the
aviary. A product like Beaphar Defest can be useful for discouraging
crawling insects such as ants & is even strong enough to stop

As stated, it cannot be applied to the head or non feathered parts. It therefore might not be suitable for use in your pet, or for treating air sac mites. I recommend contacting your vet for more advice on treating the condition.
If you are not 100% certain it is air sac mites then I strongly advise contacting your vet. Breathing problems in birds can have many different causes, such as lack of nutrition or air sac infections.

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