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Beaphar Eye Lotion for Dogs & Cats

  • 50ml Bottle £3.29

Sherley's eye cleaner for dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age contains. MSM and witch hazel to discourage irritations. Comes with an integral soft rubber safety applicator, and is ideal for cleaning in and around dusty and irritated eyes.

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27th Jun 2017

Can this be used to clear up conjuntivitis in dogs?

  • Veterinary Advisor

Conjunctivitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection so you will require an eye ointment with an antibiotic in it to clear it up. These ointments are all prescription only so you would need to see a vet to get a prescription. Once you have a prescription we would be happy to supply you with the appropriate medication. Beaphar eye lotion does not contain antibiotic. If the eyes are just irritated rather than infected this lotion may help but it is usually best for a vet to have a look at any eye conditions as they can escalate quite quickly if not treated properly.

Eye infection

17th May 2015


My kittens are 6 weeks old and they all have eye infection since birth. I have been wiping there eyes with a cotton bud and warm water which takes off the dried up sleep but it comes back again within 2/3 hours and they can't open there eyes again.
Please can you recommend any sort of eye medication for them?

  • Non-Executive Director

It sounds as if they should have an antibiotic ointment and these have to be prescribed by your vet. If this is not possible, then regular, frequent cleaning with CleanOcular would be my suggestion. Do they have a nasal discharge too? If so, they need antibiotic ideally.