Battles Purl Dip for Sheep

Battles Purl Dip for Sheep Battles Purl Dip for Sheep Battles Purl Dip for Sheep
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A sheep dip especially formulated for the presentation of sheep prior to showing or sale. Dilution rate 1 gallon of dip to 80 gallons of water.

Directions for use

Before dipping commences always clean out the bath and make up with fresh dip and water as described below.

Dilution Rate

Fill the dip bath with soft cold water, in hard water areas it is advisable to soften the water with washing soda, and add the dip to it at the rate of 4.5 litres (1 gallon) to 360 litres (80 gallons) of water i.e. 1 litre to every 80 litres of water.

Replenishment Rate

Replenish the bath after each drop in volume of 150 litres (35 gallons) or after the passage of every 20 sheep or 40 lambs. Replenish at the rate of 1 litre to every 80 litres of water. To ensure best results do not allow the bath to fall below 75% of its original volume.


Shake the container well. Add the concentrate directly to the full amount of clean water in the bath at the recommended rate. Prepare the dip bath on the day of use. Stir the bath thoroughly before commencing to dip. Do not mix with any other product.

The Weather

Avoid extremes of hot and cold as well as thunder and wet weather. As far as possible do not carry out dipping in the rain or when the fleece is wet. Choose a fine day free from impending rain. In winter do not dip in very frosty weather and, if available, carry out in a covered yard.

Time of Day

Dipping in the early morning is best so the sheep can dry before the evening. This is especially advised where dipping in hot weather is unavoidable because the temperature is cooler up to 9am.

The Sheep

Do not dip sheep when they are tired, heated, thirsty, suffering from scour or wounds or otherwise out of condition, nor when full of food. Keep the sheep off food and rest them quietly near the bath for a few hours both before and after dipping, making sure they are not crowded together. Drain them well in a bare place and do not return them to pasture until after they have ceased dripping.

Rams and Fat Sheep

Rams and fat sheep are susceptible to immersion shock, therefore never dip them on a sultry day and always dip them separately about the middle of the general dipping, carefully assisting them through the bath.

Foul Wash

It is essential to clean out the bath and replenish with fresh dip and water before the bath becomes too fouled with droppings etc.

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