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Ancol Extendable Tuff Tube

  • 18 - 75cm £2.39

Ancol Tuff Tube simulates your pet's natural habitats, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can be twisted and bent to create fun shapes making it perfect for inside your pet's home. Extends from 18 - 75 cm and is suitable for smaller animals, like mice and hamsters. Approximately 9cm diameter. Supplied in randomly allocated colours.

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Questions & Answers for Ancol Extendable Tuff Tube

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Join together

19th Feb 2015

Do these join together? Also Can I attach them in anyway to use in replace of ladders from one level to the other

  • Customer Service Manager

Unfortunately these do not attach together or to anything else oe even be used to replace ladders, these are just to add interest to the small animal.

What can fit?

11th Feb 2015

i think my 2 rats would love this! on the reviews everyone had them for hamsters and I don't have a hamster, 1 person bought it for a rabbit, and it was too small. I would like to know if fully grown guineapigs/ very small rabbit, could fit in. I want it 4 my rats, and my 3 pigs could share I too.i would only buythis if it would last my 2 baby rats a lifetime

  • Assistant Customer Service Manager

Ultimately, it depends on how large your guinea pigs are. The product has an inner diameter of 9cm so if your guinea pigs are small enough to fit in that space, then the product should be fine for them. I do not think that the product would be large enough for a rabbit however, but again, it depends on how big your rabbit is.


10th Feb 2015

Is the tube actually 3.5 cm?? Not inches?
Because I don't know of a single hamster that small????

  • Assistant Customer Service Manager

The inner diameter of the tube is 9cm.