Aerokat Feline Aerosol Inhalation Chamber

Aerokat Feline Aerosol Inhalation Chamber
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Inhalation Chamber

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The AeroKat Feline Aerosol Chamber (FAC) is designed to be used with a Metered Dose Inhaler (puffer) as recommended by a veterinarian to deliver aerosol medication to cats with feline asthma, chronic bronchitis or allergic rhinitis.

When the AeroKat FAC is attached to the puffer it allows your cat to breathe normally and inhale the aerosol medication which goes deep into your cats’ lungs, where it is needed.

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  • Flow-Vu Indicator moves with respiration allowing owner to count breaths, ensure there is a secure facemask seal and coordinate actuation of the MDI with inhalation
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Reduces the risk of side effects associated with pills, injections and syrup
  • Unique, shatterproof, anti-static chamber ensures consistent medication delivery deep into the cat’s airways
  • 2 mask sizes accommodate all breeds and sizes of cats
  • Exhalation Valve directs the flow away from the cat’s face to prevent irritation


The Flow-Vu Indicator takes the guesswork out of using your cat’s aerosol medication. The Flow-Vu Indicator will help you count the number of breaths your cat has taken through the chamber and may help to ensure there is a satisfactory seal between the muzzle and the mask, to optimize the delivery of the medication.

As your cat inhales, the bright green Flow-Vu Indicator will flutter or move towards the cat (if you have a good facemask seal). When your cat stops inhaling or exhales, the indicator will return to the vertical position.

The ideal time to activate the puffer is when your pet starts to inhale and the Flow-Vu Indicator is moving horizontally towards them.

Feline asthma

Approximately one in 100 cats have asthma – perhaps more, as the symptoms are often confused with hairballs. During an asthma attack, the pathways in the lungs become inflamed and narrow resulting in symptoms that may include frequent wheezing, persistent coughing and/or open mouth or labored breathing.

Asthma generally affects cats between 2 and 8 years of age – with Siamese and Himalayan breeds having a higher prevalence.

Your veterinarian is the best person to speak to about your cat’s condition.

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55 Been using one for years
Verified Purchase

By on 15 December 2017

Our 9-YO Maine Coon boy was diagnosed with feline asthma when he was about 6 months old. He's been on an inhaler ever since. This is our second Aerokat; the old one still works, but we bought the "new" one with the flap so we could see when he was breathing in.

Every once in awhile, Gunnison will take it into his head to try to avoid the mask - usually when it's getting close to the end of the inhaler. Otherwise, though, he will sit or lie quietly on the floor or in my lap while he gets his two sprays. He's such a good kitty guy.

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55 Brilliant product
Verified Purchase

By on 24 April 2016

A brilliant product, service was excellent and prompt delivery.

Customer recommends this product

55 Aerokat Inhalation Chamber
Verified Purchase

By on 27 May 2015

I have been using one of these on a 9.5 kg Maine Coon for over 5 years. I find it easiest to either kneel on the floor with the cat backed up to me or to back him into a corner of a basket or room. He would never sit on my lap and frankly would be far to big for me to get the inhaler over his face from that position! When I first had to administer it I was advised to hold my hand over the end when puffing the meds, then place the inhaler over his nose for him to breathe - some cats do not like the feeling of the 'puff'. I was administering 2 puffs of steroid and 2 puffs of the bronchodilator 3-4 times daily to start with, we have been down to one puff of steroid once daily for some time now. If you can get your cat to tolerate it the inhaler is well worth it.

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15 AeroKat Aerosol Chamber
Verified Purchase

By on 19 November 2014

I could not get our cat to sit on my lap and breathe through the mask, so have been unable to administer the medication. His prescription is for two puffs to be given three times a day, and each puff requires the mask to stay in place for approx 10 seconds. Our large rescue cat is powerfully built, and does not sit on laps. He only tolerates the map for about a second before getting away from it.

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55 Aerocat Aerosol Chamber
Verified Purchase

By on 29 September 2014

This piece of equipment is of brilliant design and of perfect dimensions to fit our Tabby Cat who is a chronic asthma sufferer.
We tried other apparatus with very mixed results and went searching on the net to see what else was available.
Would recommend this unit to anyone who's pet has similar health problems.

Customer recommends this product

1 person found this review helpful

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Aerokat Feline Aerosol Inhalation Chamber, including answers from our team.

14 November 2017 at 9:42pm

What size mask


Hello. Can anyone tell me how I can decide on the size of face mask for my tomcat. He is an average size tom.

  • VioVet Staff


Thank you for your question.

You may need to measure your cat, the sizes are as follows:

  • Small mask diameter: 3.2 cm
  • Medium mask diameter: 3.9 cm

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