BETA Retail Membership

VioVet is a Retail Member of the British Equine Trading Association

VioVet is a retail member of the British Equine Trading association.

BETA for Service, BETA for Safety

BETA represents most of the UK’s equestrian manufacturers, distributors and a great many of its specialist equestrian retailers, both shop based and distance selling. BETA aims to raise standards of supply, retail and safety and also promotes riding as a leisure activity suitable for all.

BETA is very careful about which saddlery retailers and tack shops are offered membership- a policy designed to protect the shopper. In order to join BETA and have the right to display the BETA Logo, a retailer must prove that it is a professionally run business of benefit to the industry with an understanding of the best practice guidelines set by the Association for members.

This means that, if you shop with a BETA Retail member – as indicated by the BETA logo being displayed – you can be reassured of a good standard of service. If you are disappointed with that service you can turn to BETA who will investigate and try to mediate a solution.

BETA also works in the areas of safety (body protectors and hats), product and vocational training for retailers, instructors and other professionals, lobbying, equestrian industry statistics and information and business advice for new businesses.

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