Talk Talk set up social pet-working!

Friday, 1st April 2011

Pooches across the country may soon be ditching their dog chew toys and logging on to their very own social networking website.

Telecoms provider Talk Talk has launched WoofWoof, which allows dogs to have a voice.

According to the company, 14 per cent of pet owners have created a social networking page for their four-legged friends.

To tap into this market, Talk Talk developed software into which a dogs bark is translated into text that can be shared on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Mark Schmid from TalkTalk said: "Canine social networking is a big market and it's growing rapidly. There are nearly half a million dog profiles on sites like Facebook.

"Currently they rely on their human owners to provide their status updates, but we wanted to give dogs a better social networking experience by letting them share their own thoughts and feelings directly."

WoofWoof is currently available on Facebook. Versions are being planned for Twitter and LinkedIn.