Taking pets on flights 'becoming more difficult'

Wednesday, 18th May 2011

With many people preparing to take their pets on a summer holiday with the rest of the family, the New York Times has highlighted some of the key considerations before travelling with an animal.

Some people may think it is as simple as packing the dog food in the suitcase, but it is actually much more complicated, particularly as transporting pets on commercial flights has become so much more expensive in recent years.

The newspaper explains that all major carriers have raised the fees for bringing pets on board significantly, with prices varying depending on whether animals are kept under your seat or in the cargo bay.

Pet safety has also become much more of a concern, with incidents of animals being lost, injured or even dying othe rise.

For those who do decide to take a pet on a flight, it recommends ensuring you have the right type of carrier for your pet, booking early and preparing your animal for travel, by acclimatising them to their carrier and vibrations/noises.

Meanwhile, a dog owner from Blandford has been raising awareness of a potentially fatal parasite. The campaign against lungworm is being fronted by TV vet Luke Gamble.