Rockstar pets get creative

Thursday, 17th January 2013

Pets belonging to some of the music industry's most famous names have been hitting the news this week as their owners try to include them in the creative process.

According to the Sun, Lady Gaga has been trying to teach her labradoodle, named Fozzi, how to draw.

The singer has apparently been strapping a pen to the animal's paw and letting him loose on a piece of paper to see what artistic creations he comes up with.

Fozzi's masterpieces have been donated to the singer's friends and entourage members, although they are unlikely to fetch much money if they end up at auction.

Meanwhile, popular dance music duo MGMT have been taking artistic advice from their pet cat by monitoring its reaction to hearing their new material.

The band recently released a picture of the unnamed cat listening to their music, with the animal's wide-eyed expression suggesting it may have heard something it likes.

While we wouldn't suggest enrolling your pet in an art school, it is important to keep them active and entertained, which is why owners should try to spend as much time interacting with their animals as possible.