Report highlights concerns about electric shock collars

Wednesday, 12th September 2012

A new report has highlighted the concerns over the welfare implications of electric shock collars, suggesting that the government should ban these sorts of collars.

The review, by the Companion Animal Welfare Council, shows serious concerns about these sorts of collars being used by people who do not know how to use them properly.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Communications Director, said: "The report’s recommendations as to how these devices could be used without negative welfare implications are so unrealistic to enforce that it proves that the government really has no choice but to impose an outright ban."

Carolyn Menteith, dog trainer and behaviourist, added that electric shock collars serve no purpose in today's society and responsible owners would never want to train their dog through pain, fear and pubishment.

She said that a ban of these collars "cannot come soon enough".

The Kennel Club is now campaigning for a ban on these collars similar to what was introduced in Wales.