Pup-posal: Frankie Sanford opens up about her engagement

Tuesday, 16th April 2013

Every girl dreams of the perfect proposal and it usually involves a candlelit dinner or an evening stroll along a beach.

In the case of the Saturdays' singer, her footballer beau Wayne Bridge knew just what would melt her heart.

Speaking to the Capital Breakfast Show with Dave and Lisa, Frankie revealed that the Brighton and Hove Albion player got her animal companions in on the act.

"He took me to a hotel and he got my dogs involved. I didn't know my dogs were there and they came in, in little bride and groom outfits. And Pixie had the ring around her neck on a ribbon!"

The Saturday admitted that the proposal may not be to everyone's taste.

"I think for people who aren't dog fans it's a bit of a weird proposal, so I feel like I only want to tell people who like dogs."

Hopefully Wayne had some dog chew toys in store for the pets after they won him the girl!