Pet owners may need 'several' cat scratching posts

Monday, 10th January 2011

Pet owners may need to purchase several cat scratching posts, according to an expert.

In her column for the Times Herald-Herold, renowned US tipster Ponce Cruise, better known as Heloise, expressed her belief that a scratching post could help save homeowners' furniture.

She said: "Introduce your cat to a scratching post. They come in different sizes and textures. Make sure the scratching post is tall, because cats like to stretch while they scratch.

"Draw the cat to the post with catnip and toys. Place them where the cat likes to hang out. You may need several around your home."

Ms Cruise added that pet owners should also clip their cat's nails on a regular basis to limit any damage to possessions if the cat should stray from its post.

Furthermore, cats can be trained to stop scratching certain goods if they are squirted with a water bottle during the act, she added.