PDSA poll highlights microchip importance

Friday, 26th October 2012

A Facebook poll conducted by the PDSA has demonstrated the lack of knowledge about microchipping in the UK, and has led to the charity restating the importance of the procedure for pets.

In the survey, PDSA followers were asked what percentage of the UK dog population of 8.3 million wasn't microchipped. Of the poll's 16 respondents 14 chose 50 per cent, while only one picked the correct answer of 30 per cent.

Tweeting the correct answer, the PDSA encouraged followers to spread the word about microchipping.

The call for compulsory microchipping was strengthened earlier this year, as a public consultation on the issue brought it back into the spotlight. It is now compulsory in Northern Ireland when an owner renews their dog license, but not for the UK as a whole, partly due to cost concerns.

Petlog, the UK's largest lost and found pet database, found 90 per cent support for the measure in its own poll, while various organisations such as the Kennel Club to RSPCA have also called for it.