Dog safety: Microchip your pet

Friday, 12th April 2013

No owner ever wants to be in the position where their beloved dog goes missing, so a microchip is a safe and effective way to ensure their safe return.

Owners in Preston can make sure their canine is always on the radar by making the most of a free microchipping and advice service being held at Goosnargh Village Hall this Saturday, the Lancashire Evening Post reports.

The microchip will be implanted into your hound's neck by Preston City Council Dog Wardens who will be located on the Citizenzone bus.

The size of the chip is comparable to the size of a grain of rice. It will be placed under Fido's skin using a device specially designed for this purpose.

All the owner's contact details are stored in its memory, meaning pets that have gone missing can be returned to their owners and abandoned animals are looked after.

In an attempt to cut down the number of stray dogs, all owners in England will be expected to microchip their animal from April 2016.