Deaf and blind dog gets sight back

Tuesday, 13th March 2012

A blind and deaf dog can now enjoy playing with pet toys again after being given an operation to restore his sight.

Dodger, an 18-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, was born completely deaf. He also had severe cataracts in both eyes.

His story was in the headlines after his owner was caught on film hitting him. They were prosecuted for animal cruelty and Dodger was taken in by the RSPCA.

The charity took Dodger to the Animal Health Trust in Suffolk and vets there performed surgery to restore sight in his right eye. He returned there in February where he had the same operation on his left eye.

Kirstyn Gaunt, deputy manager at the RSPCA’s Block Fen Animal Centre, where Dodger is currently staying, said: "He is just such a loveable character, and when it was discovered he was deaf and unable to see clearly, we wanted to do all we could to give him a second chance.

"We were all in tears when we heard the AHT could carry out the operation for him and give him the gift of sight again."