Charity warns against elastic cat collars

Monday, 9th May 2011

Owners may be interested in hearing that an animal charity is warning them not to put elastic collars on their cats.

Cats Protection has said that elastic collars can cause fatalities after one almost killed a pregnant stray in Northampton.

Tasha the Tabby got her front paw trapped in the elastic collar she was wearing, embedding her claws into her skin.

Sue Arnold, a volunteer at the charity who looked after the cat after her ordeal, said: "Her wound was deep and badly infected and she was in agony so we feared the worst for both Tasha and her unborn kittens."

Tasha will now need an operation but she has responded to treatment well and had four healthy kittens.

Beth Skillings, Cats Protection's clinical veterinary officer, added: "Sadly Tasha's case is not unique - injuries to cats caused by a elastic or poorly fitted collar are frequently reported and can be difficult to treat."

She added that microchipping is a more effective way of ensuring your cat is identifiable.