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Boarder Collie gets Rolex dog collar

Tuesday, 31st May 2011

A pup from a village near St Helens has stepped out to show off his new dog collar and lead.

Smike, a seven-year-old Boarder Terrier, was bought a Rolex dog collar by his owner for his recent birthday, reports the Daily Mail.

Karen Denney, Smike's owner, revealed that she had always wanted to get her four-legged friend something special for her pup, so got the collar specially commissioned.

She told the news provider: "Smike gets lots of attention when I take him out for a walk ashe's so full of fun.

"He's the talk of the village at the moment. Everyone keeps asking me where they can get a 'Dog's Rolex' for their dog."

Included in the dog collar is a £200 replica Rolex.

Now he is all 'blinged up' Smike now may want to try his luck at dating and he could do so on a new online dating site for dogs.

The Mate Select service has been set up by the Kennel Club in order for owners to find other pedigree dogs.