Avoid using human shampoo on pets, says vet

Friday, 4th February 2011

Animal owners have been advised to avoid using pet shampoo on their animals as it can result in health problems.

Patty Khuly, a US-based vet, claimed that many consumers mistakenly believe it is sufficient to bathe their pets using human shampoo.

She wrote on the USA Today website: "OK, so in a pinch it's no big deal. But on a regular basis, especially for pets that require frequent shampooing, suffer skin conditions or skin sensitivity, the differences in PH between pet and human shampoos can lead to skin irritation."

Ms Khuly added that there are a number of skin conditions which can be improved by frequent bathing, although she also urged owners to consult their vet before starting a treatment at home as various breeds have differing responses to shampoo products.

Owners who are sensitive to their dogs smell and wash them on a regular basis should use non-soap shampoo to avoid the onset of skin issues.