Pet first aid 'essential', says RSPCA

Tuesday, 26th February 2013

While vets and animals shelters around the UK constantly do their best to care for sick and injured animals, the unfortunate truth is that there simply aren't enough staff to look after every pet that needs attention.

That's why it's important for owners to play their part in keeping their animals healthy, with basic knowledge of pet first aid an essential asset for any pet lover.

According to the Daily Echo, Vanessa Eden of the RSPCA's Stubbington Ark Animal Shelter in Fareham has been encouraging owners to brush up on their medical skills, saying: "Even with the best precautions accidents can happen and it is crucial that every pet owner has the means of how to administer basic first aid to their pet."

While mouth-to-mouth may be a bit of a stretch, owners should at the very least be aware of the specific health requirements of their animal, and should have an easily-accessible and well-stocked supply of all the relevant pet medications, as recommended by their vet.