Three-legged dog becomes criminal mastermind

Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

Cat burglars are famed for their stealth and cunning, but they may have just been upstaged by a three-legged German short-haired pointer in New Zealand, whose criminal activities have won him national recognition.

The stray dog, now dubbed Oscar by his victims, has been repeatedly robbing a local convenience store, selecting only his favourite dog food products.

Store owner Esmay Hay commented: "He just roamed in and went straight to the chilled dog food section and snatched a dog roll. He seemed to know exactly what it was he wanted", reports.

Ms Hay later found the empty dog food wrapper a few blocks away, before Oscar returned the following day for another attempted robbery.

This time he was caught red-pawed and is now being cared for by an animal shelter.

Oscar was spared a prison sentence but shop owners in the area should be wary of other pets attempting copycat crimes as a tribute to Oscar.