Spoiled Rotten Pets: Owners take their love to another level

Friday, 19th April 2013

While most owners stick to the occasional table scrap or pet outfit to treat their animal companion, others take it to a whole new level.

A new television series called Spoiled Rotten Pets lifts the lid on people who lavish their companions with the likes of dancing lessons and shrimp dinners, Reuters reports.

Ensuring their pet has regular exercise and healthy dog or cat food is just the first step.

Host Beth Stern meets New York resident Cynthia who makes time to iron her Yorkie's dresses and sweaters.

Then there is New Jersey couple David and Donna who give their Pomeranian dog a canine version of the bar mitzvah ceremony.

Geoff Daniels, executive vice-president for Nat Geo Wild, a sister network of the Natural Geographic Channel, said: "You consistently get the sense that there's nothing too great for these animals if you see them as family and friends."

The show is set to air on US cable network Nat Geo Wild on Saturday.