Fruits dangerous for dogs

Author: VioVet
Published: Sunday 20th January 2013

Our customer asked:

I have seen the post on Facebook re things not to feed your dog. Am I doing him any harm by letting him lick out yoghurt pots (with fruit or plain) as he seems to love it?

Our reply:

What you are doing should be fine, the fruits in yoghurt are not going to be a problem. Grapes are an odd thing (including dried grapes as raisins and currants) because they are extremely toxic to just a few individual dogs. Most dogs can eat loads of grapes and have no bother. we would advise not giving grapes or grape products to any dog just in case they are one of the sensitive individuals. Luckily grapes are not used in yoghurt to my knowledge. The fruits which contain a stone, such as peaches, are a problem because dogs tend to swallow the whole stone, then it gets lodged somewhere. This can be very dangerous, but will not happen with fruit yoghurt for obvious reasons. If the stone is broken into pieces then toxic compounds found within it (cyanide-like) could cause trouble, but again this will not come from yoghurt. Whole hazel nuts can be swallowed and get stuck, but pieces are OK. Macadamia nuts can be toxic to dogs, but again they are not used in yoghurt as far as I know