Biospotix herbal flea treatment

Author: VioVet
Published: Thursday 16th May 2013
Updated: Thursday 6th February 2020

Our customer asked:

I just had a couple of questions about Biospotix:

A. In your experience does it work?
B. Is it the only natural and insecticide free product that you stock or do you have others?

Our reply:

I am afraid I have no personal experience of using Biospotix flea treatment. It is not produced by one of the major companies which have a reputation to protect, so it is difficult to say how effective it is likely to be. It is perfectly possible that it works very well, but with it not being a conventional pharmaceutical product it has not been through the normal safety and efficacy testing which is required for licensed medications. It is probably perfectly safe and reasonably effective, but it is difficult to say more than that. We have sold a few hundred packs of it online but not had any feedback on how well it has worked.

To my knowledge, Biospotix is a unique product. There is noting quite like it. The only other herbal treatments for fleas etc that I know if are garlic based. It is claimed that the smell of garlic repels fleas, so garlic tablets (some of the ingested oils probably do end up coming out through the skin) and even garlic containing sprays are used a bit. (Denes liquid garlic spray would be a good example.)I guess you would have to be very tolerant of a garlic-smelling pooch to be happy with them!