Apocaps for Dogs with Cancer

Author: VioVet
Published: Wednesday 30th January 2013
Updated: Thursday 6th February 2020

Our customer asked:

My dog is just beginning radio therapy to reduce a tumour she currently has on her nerve stem. It's not cancer it's purely a growth but she has 3 weeks of radio therapy (16 sessions altogther) to try and reduce the size of the growth as it's in an inoperable position. My question is given she is undergoing radio therapy, will Apocaps help with the healing and help her vitality and general wellbeing or would you recommend something else, e.g. I've also read up about a product called K9 Immunity.

Our reply:

The trouble is that there are many different types of neoplastic tumour and many possible causes. Many of the immune modulating types of medication have something to offer in some situations, but probably none of them help every time. Apocaps has been put together very carefully to bring in a broad range of potentially beneficial ingredients and I think will be the most likely product to help your dog. More than that it is not possible to say because thorough scientific evaluation of any of these products is a long way off.