Wormer for dog which hates tablets

Author: VioVet
Published: Sunday 20th January 2013
Updated: Thursday 6th February 2020

Our customer asked:

We have an 11 year-old Shihtzu male. We have de-wormed him regularly using Drontal tablets. These have become increasingly difficult and now impossible to administer - he is wise to all our tricks! We wondered if a liquid would be easier - a syringe with extension tube delivering to the back of the mouth should work. There are a number of liquid de-wormers offered. Can you recommend the best one. We would like to cover both tape and round worms. Your advice would be much appreciated.

Our reply:

The best liquid wormer in my opinion is Panacur. It comes in liquid or paste formulations and is extremely safe and effective. The only draw-back is that it's potency against one type of tapeworm is poor. However these are rare unless there are lots of fleas around (the main intermediate host for this tapeworm).

I would go for Panacur paste personally. It is also very mild on the dog itself, which is an advantage for puppies or older dogs.