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Dog Rawhide Bones, Shoes And Chews

Our selection of natural, high quality rawhide chews are available in all kinds of colours and shapes. Rawhide chews help control tartar and satisfies the dog's natural need to chew as rawhides keep your pet entertained and help to keep your dog’s mind stimulated and for the younger pups allow you to keep your shoes and furniture intact!

All dogs will enjoy chewing on a rawhide treat as it is a natural instinct for them to chew in the wild. Rawhides are great for keeping your dog occupied while you’re getting things done around the house.

Rawhide chews can really come in handy while puppies are teething. in much the same way as a baby will use a chew toy to put pressure on their teeth to relive pain, a puppy will do much the same with a chew. In addition to this, giving them rawhide chews from the early stages will help you to instill in your pet that certain things are for chewing, and others should be left alone.

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