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PURINA PRO PLAN Junior Kitten Food

Pro Plan Kitten Food with Optistart

Growing is stressful for kittens, as they experience huge body changes in a short period of time. Also a kitten’s immune system is not yet fully developed, which can result in unbalanced intestinal micro-flora and tummy upsets. Good to know PURINA® vets and nutritionists have identified nutrients in food which can support kittens’ natural defences. The addition of bioactive ingredients – found in milk - has been shown to have an impact on kittens’ immune response. The bioactive nutrients in PRO PLAN® are called OPTISTART®. OPTISTART® is pro ven to help support kittens’ intestinal health and help reduce risk of upsets, by helping balance the intestinal flora and support intestinal defences. OPTISTART® is available in PRO PLAN® JUNIOR - a complete and balanced food, which supports the healthy development of kittens from 6 weeks to 1 year. PRO PLAN® JUNIOR contains the high levels of protein and fat needed to fuel your kitten’s growth. A blend of all essential nutrients including DHA also helps support the healthy development of the brain and vision.

Complete pet food for growing kittens. Also recommended for pregnant and nursing queens.

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