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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel originates from...

Prominent during the Tudor reign of Henry VIII, the English Cocker Spaniel gained great popularity as a versatile hunting gun-dog suited to both wet and dry terrain and progressively, as a docile and affectionate companion dog. Whilst proving a favourite in the royal courts of the 16th and 17th centuries, literative references to 'spanyells' date back as early as the 14th century, reflecting the early prominence of the breed. Utilised in hunting, the Cocker Spaniel derived its name from its ability to hunt woodcock specifically. Until 1990, the breed was considered the most popular as registered by the American Kennel Club, however it now ranks 25th.

The English Cocker Spaniel is characterised by...

Divided into 7 breed variations since 1873, including English Springer, Irish Water and Clumber, the Spaniel was originally differentiated by little more than its size. The Cocker variation is amongst the most popular and is characterised by an arched head, low-set ears, ovular eyes and a soft, wavy coat in colour deviations of solid black, red or liver with markings of tan, chocolate and white. Highly trainable in line with its heritage, the Cocker Spaniel maintains a strong hunting instinct, however when taught to respect and abide by its owner, makes a loyal, gentle and trusting pet for the family or a dedicated sole owner.

The average English Cocker Spaniel...

Moderately-sized and with an easy and gentle temperament, the Cocker Spaniel was the original family companion, proceeding the Labrador and Golden Retriever as the dog most compatible with children, other pets and the domestic setting. Whilst there are discrepancies across gender, the average healthy Cocker Spaniel will weigh 12-16 kg, with a life expectancy of 12-15 years when shown appropriate care.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Susceptible to various health complaints that are partly genetic, the English Cocker Spaniel has been known to suffer from optical disorders including glaucoma and cataracts, as well as issues relating to hips and elbows. More serious conditions specific to the breed are cardiac weakness, epilepsy and liver disease, whilst deafness is common in the breed due to the ears hanging low against the ground. Additionally, the Spaniel is prone to easy weight gain, so feeding human foods is not encouraged as even the smallest amount of fat can be detrimental to the general health of the dog.

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Our Cocker Spaniel owners' thoughts

21st Jul 2014
Jonathan Overend
  • VioVet Customer Since: March 2014
  • From: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

We have Bailey who is a rescue dog we adopted from wood green animal shelter 9 years ago. We were told he didn't like children, was possessive of toys and food, he hated being clipped and didn't travel well. He was a lost little soul who had been left on his own in a house all day and was terribly bored. His only excitement was when the post came through the door. After we got him he changed almost immediately. He suddenly realised that he was loved unconditionally, he is not a family pet to us, he is one of our family. Last Xmas we were told he had a small severely diseased liver with a 'mass' on it. The vet told us he should get through Xmas as it was only one week... We were devastated and researched thoroughly what we could do to ease the stress on his liver. We ordered Denamarin tablets and the royal canin hepatic dry food for him. It is now late July and he races around like a pup and is coping very well!! The food has made him put on some weight but our vet says it's a balancing act and that she would be more worried if he lost it. We feel that, at nearly 12, every day is a bonus and as long as he is happy and eating well life is good. He is a special little soul who is loved in abundance and he has given us far more than we could ever give him. Bless his little furry paws... :-)

2nd Jul 2016
Nardia caplin
  • VioVet Customer Since: June 2012
  • From: Hampshire, United Kingdom

jake is a working cocker spaniel, but does not work himself. At 8 years old he is still as mad as a hatter, very active. He suffers from the typical spaniel illness of see food and eat it! He has never had any illness luckily

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