Supreme Products

Supreme Show Ring Products was established in 1993. Products were developed and tested in conjunction with professional Producers and this enabled the company to extend the product range to incorporate some twenty products and an extensive range of British hand-made garments.

The company Incorporated in 2002 to become Supreme (Equestrian) Products Ltd and the company has grown organically since that time, adding new products and garments to the ranges where appropriate.The company trades as SUPREME PRODUCTS.

All of the products and garments are British made and of exceptional quality. At Supreme Products we believe that quality is the most important factor in the manufacture of our range and we do not cut corners nor rely on cheap imports in order to provide our clients with an exceptional range to suit their needs. Our products will produce the best results of any range on the market and due to the quality of our ingredients or fabrics they will last a long time and produce excellent value for money.

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