For 16 years Gatehouse have been designing and manufacturing top-quality riding hats, whether for jockeys, competition riders, or everyday horse enthusiasts. The Gatehouse range incorporates durable and lightweight riding hats that are developed with your safety and comfort in mind. Recognised for consistency and performance in simulated accident tests by the British Standards Institute, Gatehouse has established a concrete reputation for itself in the short time it has operated. Whatever your preferences or the requirements of your riding discipline, Gatehouse offers a suitable riding helmet, pioneered to keep you safe from head injury whilst being comfortable and light enough for extended periods of wear. Whether you are looking to purchase a jockey skull or velvet hat, Gatehouse has the perfect product for you. The company now proudly works with the Child Brain Injury Trust in an effort to prevent children sustaining serious head traumas when riding by placing safety at the heart of all their head wear innovations.