Initially established in 2002 for the equine market, the makers of Verm-X have since expanded their range of high quality, natural preparations to accommodate all manner of livestock, poultry, domestic dogs, cats and small animals, aviary birds and even wild deer, boar and antelope. Focusing on intestinal hygiene solutions, the Verm-X range is world renowned for its natural approach to animal healthcare and its commitment to achieving efficacy and quality in all its products.

Working to support the internal welfare of a variety of animal species, Verm-X is proudly the only company in the world to offer preparations that exclusively address intestinal hygiene problems through natural means. Incorporating only raw, non-GM ingredients, Verm-X is easy to administer and comes in a range of applications to suit your needs, from pellets and powder, to liquids, nuggets and treats. Highly palatable, Verm-X undergoes strict testing and quality control trials to ensure product performance for all our animals.