The Kamihata Fish Industry Group was established in 1877, initially breeding and then wholesaling ornamental fish.  Kamihata is now Japan’s leading supplier of live tropical and marine fish.

As well as extensive fish food production facilities, including the manufacture of frozen foods, Kamihata owns  the world renowned Yamasaki Koi Farm, one of the  largest Koi farms in Japan. Covering almost 10 acres with 50 culture ponds and 6 greenhouses, Hikari diets are used at the Yamasaki Koi Farm providing first hand information about the growth and colour characteristics each diet offers.

Kamihata also owns a  state of the art aquatic laboratory, which includes 445 aquariums housed in rooms operating low, high and variable temperatures, again providing first hand experience in breeding and raising fish  and scientific data which can be used for future product development. Decades of experience ensure that all Hikari fish foods provide exacting  nutrition for all types of fish , and which make Hikari the world’s most recognised brand  of premium quality fish foods.

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