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Established in 1983, the company Net-Tex is dedicated to meeting the needs of the Veterinary and Agricultural Industry through a range of avenues, be it with high technology solutions, the provision of nutrition and hygiene products or equipment merchandise for animal husbandry.

Net-Tex provides a unique range of non-prescription medication for agricultural livestock, poultry and household and domesticated pets, as well as a complete range of equestrian products geared at promoting optimum equine health. Products in the range include a variety of specially developed aerosols and insecticides, although Net-Tex is perhaps most recognised for its COLLATE and COLOSTRUM range that has been designed to fuel rapid energy response as well as to provide essential nutrients and all the benefits of natural colostrum. The company is devoted to research and development and being able to offer the highest quality and most inclusive range of products, not only throughout the UK but on an international scale.

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