Horse First

Horse First from VioVet

Ascribed the fitting tag line "Made by horse people, for horse people," the multi-national company Horse First, headed by Paddy Hughes, a frequenter of the equine eventing and show-jumping circuits, utilises the very best in research, formulation and testing to achieve its consistent range of horse supplementations. Founded in 2004, Horse First recognised the immediate gap in the market for effective equine care; the combination of expert knowledge in the fields of chemistry and nutrition, as well as the application of Paddy's own equine expertise, went towards establishing the company's glowing reputation, both nationally and on an international scale. Once the need was recognised, Horse First began investing in the specialised development of a range of complete supplements, tailored to the dietary and medicinal needs of our horses. Combining strictly premium formulas and active ingredients, the products range incorporates a variety of supplements for the management of joints, muscles, digestion and hooves, as well as adapted formulas for horses in convalescence. Tested on Paddy's own horses and accredited by top riders, including Michael Whitaker and Jessica Kurten, the Horse First advanced supplements range is renowned in its field as the most effective and tailored on the market.