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Super Codlivine The Complete Supplement for Horses

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A complex blend of perfectly balanced vitamins, minerals and trace element, Super Codlivine's The Complete Supplement boast a broad spectrum of nutrition specially designed to promote inner health. Using fine grass meal as a base, this supplement effectively replicates the horse's natural feed. Developed to promote elevated vitality and sparkle, The Complete Supplement is an all-in-one direct route to glorious coat and hoof condition.

Also available is Super Codlivine Joint Supplement which contains the same balance of nutrients as The Complete Supplement, but with added ingredients to benefit mobility.

Super Codlivine: The Complete Supplement


Grassmeal, Wheatfeed, Cod Liver Oil (15%), Calcium Carbonate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride,Trace Elements, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamins, L-Lysine, Flavour, Methionine. Contains: Butylated Hydroxyanisole (E320), Ethoxyquin (E324).


Crude Protein 9.5%, Crude Oils and Fats 16.5%, Crude Fibre 9%, Crude Ash 29%, Vitamin A 400,000 i.u/kg, Vitamin D3 80,000 i.u/kg, Vitamin E 1000mg/kg, Vitamin B1 700mg/kg, Vitamin B2 700mg/kg, Vitamin B6 300mg/kg, Vitamin B12 500mcg/kg, Niacin 1500mg/kg, Pantothenic Acid 500mg/kg, Biotin 150mg/kg, Vitamin K 150mg/kg, Lysine 4400mg/kg, Methionine 1400mg/kg, Calcium 4%, Phosphorus P 1.5%, Magnesium 1.5%, Sodium 2%, Iodine 30mg/kg, Selenium 8mg/kg, Cobalt 10mg/kg, Manganese 1600mg/kg, Iron 7600mg/kg, Copper 1500mg/kg, Zinc 4000mg/kg, Folic Acid 300mg/kg.

Feeding guidelines

Add the recommended amount to the daily feed:

  • Foals: One measure (35g)
  • Yearlings: 1.5 measures (52.5g)
  • Horses and ponies: 2 measures (70g)
  • Performance horses: 3 measures (105g)

- A measure is included

- The weights specified are approximate

- Do not give more than the stated amount per day

-Introduce gradually if feeding for the first time as with any dietary change

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Questions & Answers for Super Codlivine The Complete Supplement for Horses

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Super Codlivine The Complete Supplement for Horses, including answers from our team.

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Cacium content

18th Apr 2017
Kay Milburn
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2016
  • From: Castell-nedd Port Talbot, United Kingdom

recent blood tests have shown that my horse is low in calcium he is on super codlivine has it got a high enough calcium content or would he benefit from something else he is getting on he`s 26 and 17 3hh

  • Veterinary Advisor

Super Codlivine does contain quite a high content of calcium and should be enough. It would be quite usual to blood test again after 1-2 months. If his calcium has not increased by then you could try something like Equistro Megabase as an alternative.


25th Jan 2016
Julian Burke

Hi I used to feed codlevinehorse to my horse a few years ago and it had great results then my needs changed and it was no need to feed it but now my stallion is a lot older someone said that you can get this supplements with g locos amine in it . Is that correct. Thank you

  • Non-Executive Director

Yes you need the Super Codlivine Joint Supplement, which has all the same things as the original product, plus glucosamine and MSM for joints. You can type the name in our search box or follow this link for Super Codlivine Joint Supplement

Suitable for laminitics

27th Oct 2015

Is codlivine suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

  • Meds Supervisor

Hello Jessica,

Thank you for your question,

Codlivine is suitable for horses and ponies prone to lamintis,

I hope this helps.