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Rosewood Pico Hamster Home

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Pico Hamster Home is an attractive, multi-faceted hamster enclosure with colourful and functional design features, including spinning wheel, three ladders onto different levels, an enclosed tunnel leading to a sleeping den and a plastic feeder and water bottle.

Now available is the Pico XL which offers a 50% larger cage with extra levels and ladders which create a more spacious hamster home which is even more fun. It includes an improved loft den with great owner access and ventilation.

Please be aware, the RSPCA recommend the minimum size a permenant cage for a Syrian hamster should be is 75cm x 40cm x 40cm. Smaller cages are only suitable for temporary homes.

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Wheel size

7th Jun 2014

Is the wheel bigger on the pico XL than on the standard cage?

  • Web Developer

The wheel is the same size in both cages. The wheel has a 14.5cm diameter and a width of 6.5cm.

Size of sleeping den

19th Mar 2014

is the loft sleeping den on the extra large cage bigger than the den on the standard size cage?

  • Web Developer

The loft sleeping den in the extra large cage is bigger than the standard. Here are the sizes of both the dens:


  • Width - 15.3cm
  • Depth - 13.5cm
  • Height - 8cm


  • Width - 15.3cm
  • Depth - 14.5cm
  • Height - 10.5cm