Prednicare Tablets (Prednisolone) for Dogs & Cats

Prednicare Tablets (Prednisolone) for Dogs & Cats
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Prednicare tablets contain prednisolone, a steroid used to treat inflammation and allergic reactions in cats and dogs. It is normally given once or twice daily initially, but for longer courses of treatment it is sometimes given on alternate days. This has been found to be almost as effective as dosing every day, but is much less likely to be associated with side effects. Prednicare tablets are also used sometimes in high doses as part of a chemotherapy regime for malignancies.

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55 very good
Verified Purchase

By on 5 July 2023

Prednicare Tablets were the same as the vets I been getting and cheaper, Iam very happy with the pills.

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55 Excellent
Verified Purchase

By on 22 February 2023

Works well

Customer recommends this product

55 Brilliant price
Verified Purchase

By on 29 January 2023

Cheaper than the vets helps keeps my old cat autoimmune disease at bay

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55 very good
Verified Purchase

By on 19 July 2022

cheaper then the vets

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55 Great cost effective option
Verified Purchase

By on 7 May 2022

We order a 6 monthly qty and it’s so much cheaper than going to the vets!

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Prednicare Tablets (Prednisolone) for Dogs & Cats, including answers from our team.

8 December 2022 at 5:28pm

What are the consequences of storing the medicine above 25 degrees C?


If accidentally left on top of microwave oven while cooking, and the medicine warms up, how is it affected? How does this affect my cat?

  • VioVet Staff

If the medication has breached it's storage temperature as per the datasheet (Do not store above 25°C) then it may not work as it is intended to. The container the medications have been in will affect whether this has occured (for example, a plastic bottle may protect the tablets inside to some degree from reaching the outside temperature).

I have contacted the manufacturer for completel clarification, they have advised the following:

If there is any concern about the integrity of the tablets a recommendation would be to change them for new tablets and to ensure that medicines are stored safely. Affected tablets should be disposed of according to good pharmacy practices and the SPC (attached), such as return to a veterinary surgery for disposal. Tablets that have been heated above storage recommendations could demonstrate reduced levels of activity due to the reduced content of the active (prednisolone) compared to expected.

30 October 2022 at 11:43am

Addison's Disease


Hi, what is the best time of day to give Prednicare Prednisolone tablets for management of Addison's Disease? Our 4 month old Cavapoochon puppy has been diagnosed this week. Thanks

  • VioVet Staff

It is best to ask your vet this question as it depends on what dose of prednisolone your dog is on and whether your vet intends on lowering this over time.
Prednisolone is given to supplement the glucocorticoid function of the adrenal gland which is often deficient in Addison's disease. Glucocorticoids perform a great deal of functions in the body and are particularly necessary for any kind of exertion or stress the body undergoes. Therefore vets often advise they are given in the morning so that the patient has glucocorticoid in the system ready for the day. Some vets will also advise a dose before any kind of stressful event, such as travelling in the car etc.

As this general advice varies so greatly then I strongly advise you check when to give this with your prescribing vet. Your dog is also young and it is important to not overdose with glucocorticoids in a young dog. They will be able to best advise for your specific pet.

17 October 2022 at 4:59pm

Pill Ident


Hi, please can you let me know asap what the Pill Ident should read on my cat's Predincare 1mg (1000) tablet?

We have ACL 1 indented on his tablet?

Is this correct? for Predincare 1mg (1000) tablet?
If it's not Predicare what could it be?

Hope you can help
Thank You

  • VioVet Staff

I have contacted Animalcare with regards toy our query who have replied with the following:

The imprinted design on each product is really a regulatory requirement to allow distinction between tableted products. Each tablet will have a distinct design imprinted to allow for similarities in different sizes, colours and shapes when compared to products from other manufacturers which may share the same physical attributes as Prednicare.
The letters or numbers can be in any order and can stand for a variety of things. To confirm, no other tablet in the UK market for veterinary use with a similar size, colour and shape as Prednicare will have ACL imprinted on the surface.

I can reassure you that we receive the medications we stock only from licensed wholesalers. These are legitimate, official and the correct tablets.

18 February 2022 at 4:27pm



Hi, my 2 year old pocket bully weighs 30 kgs & has been prescribed prednicare for skin allergies/infectio n. The dosage she has been given is 6 × 5mg tablets for 3 days then 3×5mgs for 5 days but I'm concerned this may be alot for a day's dosage. Does that sound about right ?

  • VioVet Staff

This depends on what your vet is treating, the dose for steroid tablets like this varies greatly depending on the condition being treated. We strongly advise you contact your vet to discuss this further as they will be able to explain the dose they have recommended to you.

1 October 2021 at 12:16am

Effects of Prednicare

Sarah C

How does Prednicare (Prednisone)tablets (5mg) - half dose effect young cats and kittens, particularly kittens of the 3 months of age if accidentally taken, please.

  • VioVet Staff

This depends on the weight of your kitten. If your pet has accidentally ingested medication that is not intended for them then I strongly advise contacting your vet immediately to work out whether this is safe or not.

20 May 2021 at 10:46am

Side-effects of Prednicare 1mg

Barbara Ashley

Would this drug be responsible for diarrhoea in my 12-year-old Westie who has been taking it for eight days?

  • VioVet Staff

Intestinal adverse effects like diarrhoea are some of the possible side effects from steroids medications like Prednicare. I strongly advise discussing this with your vet as soon as possible so they can advise on whether to stop or continue the medication.

26 July 2020 at 3:58pm

How can I get my cat to take Prednicare?


My vet has prescribed Prednicare 1mg twice daily for my elderly cat. Also Mirtazapine and Amantadine.
She told me just crush and give with food. NO WAY will my cat entertain Prednicare or Mirtazapine. I have just been able to get Amantadine into her eventually with sardine tomato sauce.
What can I do to get the drugs into her? She is elderly, frail and clearly in pain. Trying to shove pills down her throat would cause us both great distress. The tablets are clearly bitter. I can’t understand why animal medication can’t be made more palatable.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

  • VioVet Staff

The Mirtazipine is an appetite stimulant, once this is onboard you may find the process easier. You can crush the Prednicare tablets you have mentioned on our site into the food, this may be easiest. I cannot comment on the Mirtazipine as I am not sure what brand your vet has given you.
I would recommend taking this question to your vet. They may be able to provide liquid or injectable versions for your cat.

17 October 2017 at 8:21am

Shelf life


Hello, my god is on 5mg dosage and requires half a tablet every day for his Addisons disease, please could you advise of the shelf life?

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your question. The expiry date of our current stock is 05/2020.

Kind regards.


26 January 2017 at 8:49pm



We have a three and a half year old boxer who has now been on injections for the past 12 months for a skin condition (one injection a month plus half of a Prednicare 5mg every other day),Can you please tell us what is a safe long term dosage (for the rest of her life)as we are considering stopping the injections as she is still itching quite bad some days. We find that if we give her just one Prednicare all symptom's stop its amazing the different just one tablet makes. looking forward to your reply. Thanking you in advance . Chris

  • VioVet Staff

Long term use of any drug isn't ideal but if 1 tablet every other day is what stops her itching and gives her good a good quality of life then I would be inclined to speak to your vet about trying this. 1 tablet every other day is not a massive dose so this would be an acceptable risk given the improvement in quality of life. Of course you do need to weigh up any side effects which may occur as a result of the larger dose and decide if it is easier to live with these or the itching.

28 August 2015 at 5:46pm



Hi, my dog is currently on one prednisolone tablet a day prescribed by the vets, which are rather expensive! I was just wondering is this the same tablet as what vets prescribe?
Thanks in advance.

  • VioVet Staff

There a few different veterinary licensed brands of prednisolone but they are all guaranteed to be the same. You would not notice any difference it you switched to these.

You will have to pay your vet for a written prescription which you need to send to us (email or upload etc). Vets vary enormously in how much they charge for this, but it should still be a lot cheaper to buy from us. Ideally ask your vet to prescribe at least 6 month's worth on the one prescription.

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