Pawise Dog Training Whistle

Pawise Dog Training Whistle

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An essential training aid for the modern day dog owner the Pawise Training Whistle helps to teach basic and advanced training to dogs, suitable for both the beginner trainer and professional trainer alike.

There are many benefits to using a training whistle to train your dog, with its main benefit being that dog training can become a breeze when using a whistle! The principle behind dog whistles is that is introduces an odd sound rather than an extremely loud one, for a more attention grabbing noise than the human voice. It allows for positive reinforcement with an interesting and unusual sound, focusing on initiating commands rather than attempting to break a bad habit through harsh means and working as punishment. It also provides a consistent means of training beneficial to dogs as they learn faster if consistent commands are given. The human voice varies from person to person and even your own voice can sound different depending on the environment or your mood. Subtle changes occur each time you talk or give a command which can make verbal training difficult with dogs as these changes are noticeable and may lead to your dog becoming confused or not understanding what you are saying – especially if you are having to yell due to windy weather or distance. The whistle on the other hand will sound the same each time no matter what else may be different from one day to another, thus enabling consistent training wherever or whenever.

A lightweight and compact whistle for dogs and owners the Pawise Training Whistle allows you to provide various methods of training, both indoors and outdoors. It has been designed to make training easier and more consistent, for faster and more effective training for all dogs, effectively giving clear and consistent commands as well as allowing for standardised commands even when various handlers are involved in training.

Made from high quality metal for lasting and reliable use the Pawise Training Whistle is a must-have training aid for all dogs and owners, perfect for a variety of training needs and extremely easy to use allowing you to get the most out of your training session every time.

A high quality, lightweight and compact training whistle
Suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages
Ideal for both the beginner trainer and professional trainer alike
Ensures clear standardised commands enhancing trainability
Promotes faster and more effective training
An essential training aid for all dogs
Provides a consistent means of training
Easy to use, suitable for all dog owners and trainers

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