Otomax Ear Drops for Dogs

Otomax Ear Drops for Dogs
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Otomax Ear Drops Suspension is a carefully formulated mixture of ingredients designed to treat all the common causes of acute otitis in dogs. It is also effective to treat the periodic flare-ups of acute symptoms which tend to occur in dogs with mild, on-going otitis. Otomax Ear Drops Suspension contains gentamycin to kill bacteria and clotrimazole to kill yeasts and fungi (especially including Malassezia). The third active ingredient is betamethasone which has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the skin lining the ear canal.

This helps to reduce the discomfort and itching dogs experience, as well as reducing any swelling and discharge formation. Otomax should be applied twice daily for 7 days. between 4 and 8 drops should be placed into the ear canal, which is then massaged gently from the outside to distribute the drops through the ear canal. Any excess discharge should be wiped away from the surface as required. If the discharge is excessive, a mild, water-based Ear cleaner should be used before applying Otomax.

Betamethasone is a steroid which can be absorbed through the skin. Otomax drops should not be overdosed or Otomax side effects can occur systemically. For full information, see the datasheet below.

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By on 9 May 2013

My dog Xiao Li being a Shar Pei has very deep ear canals subject to infection, so Otomax together with careful cleaning of the ear canal helps enormously. Shar Peis are particularly vulnerable to infection since their ears are high and have at least 5cm of canal - this is inate in the breed as a fighting dog - tiny ears with little flaps for protection against their opponent.

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Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Otomax Ear Drops for Dogs, including answers from our team.

1 March 2019 at 6:06am

Otomax Ear Drops for Dogs 34ml

Hyekyung Lee

  • VioVet customer since 2017
  • From: South Korea, Korea, Republic of

Could you let me know the expiration date of this product?
Thank you.

  • VioVet Staff


Thank you for your enquiry.

We only have the 14ml in stock at the moment and the expiry date for this is March 2020.

Hope that helps,


8 December 2014 at 5:01pm



My english bull terrier was given otomax ear drops for a mild ear infection.he is 12 years olad and in very good health but ia now completely deaf as a result of using these eardrops. It is one of the side effects with those drops and we werent told about. It seemingly only in older dogs. Should be took off the market or not used on dogs of 8 years old and over. Im heartbroken

  • VioVet Staff

Deafness is occasionally caused by adding medication to the ear canal. This usually only happens when the ear drum is already perforated (which can be difficult to ascertain in some dogs). Your vet should check the state of the ear drums if possible before using drops of a type known to be potentially damaging. Many of the ear drops commonly used in dogs can have this effect, but it is in fact rare. The vast majority of dogs are not so sensitive to the ingredients and do not show this sort of adverse reaction. I would suggest you report this event to the VMD who collate all such data and decide if veterinary medications should be withdrawn from the market. You can report this online yourself easily by following this link. (When it asks how the drug was administered, you should choose "Auricular use"). The information you provide will be used along with any other reports to decide how safe it is.

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