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Nutrobal is a vitamin/mineral supplement specifically formulated as a high calcium "balancer " for birds and reptiles. Many of these species are prone to calcium deficiencies due to the difficulty we have in providing them with a perfect substitute for the diet they would receive in the wild. Nutrobal contains high levels of calcium, plus appropriate levels of vitamin D3. This is the active form of the vitamin, which is required for animals to be able to absorb and utilise the calcium in the diet. (Inactive forms of vitamin D require the animal to be exposed to ultraviolet light so that they can convert the vitamin D to the active form.)

Dosage: Give one pinch per kg of animal

The Calcium:Phosphorus ratio is very important in ensuring healthy bone growth, and reproductive function and this potent supplement with a Ca:P ratio of 46:1 is extremely valuable in correcting deficient diets.

It is particularly important for reptile species fed primarily on insects such as mealworms or locusts, used as a dusting powder. Some species fed mainly lean meat also benefit, as will growing chelonia which need calcium for their shells and the larger lizards and crocodilia for their normal bone development. Large lizards and chelonia also benefit from ACE-High. Nutrobal is also suitable for birds which are prone to calcium deficiency, such as African greys.

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Questions & Answers for Nutrobal

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Why do you need nutrabol?

26th Feb 2018
I like tortoises

Why do you need nutrabol, what does it do and why is it good for the tortoise?

  • Veterinary Advisor

It is difficult to provide pet tortoises with a diet that replicates that which they would have in the wild. For this reason many tortoises (and other reptiles) become Calcium and Vit D3 deficient in captivity. It is very important to maintain the correct balance of calcium to allow healthy bone development, amongst other things. Nutrabol provides high levels of Calcium and Vit D3 that would otherwise be lacking in the diet to ensure your tortoise stays healthy.