Nutriscience TurboLyte Gel

Nutriscience TurboLyte Gel
1 Litre

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TurboLyte Gel is an easy dosage gel electrolyte designed to replace energy fast. Turbolyte Gel matches the mineral profile of electrolytes excreted during exercise, training, travelling, hot conditions and stress.

TurboLyte Gel is an easy and effective way to replenish electrolytes.

Mode of Action:

  • TurboLyte Gel contains electrolytes Sodium Chloride and potassium and is rich in Calcium and Magnesium which are essential minerals to ensure normal cellular activity and muscle function.

TurboLyte Gel matches the mineral profile of electrolytes excreted by the working and performance dog during exercise, training, travelling and in hot conditions.

TurboLyte Gel replenishes these electrolytes along with easily absorbable carbohydrates to prevent nervousness, cramping and dehydration.


  • Liquid nutritional supplement.

Pack Sizes Available:

  • 250ml & 1 litre bottle with an oral dosage syringe for easy dosing

Feeding Recommendations:

  • Fill the syringe supplied to 12ml per day for training.
  • Give post strenuous exercise/event.
  • Can be given by oral dose syringe or added to drinking water.

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Nutriscience TurboLyte Gel, including answers from our team.

22 July 2021 at 1:45pm

Is this just for greyhounds

Kim palmer

Can this be used on German Shorthaired pointers that do not have a stop button in the Heat and are free roaming on a farm

  • VioVet Staff

Yes this product can be used in your pointers, as well as other breeds of dog. It is best used to replace energy/electrolytes in performance or working dogs. It will help replace lost electrolyes in your dogs but you will need to ensure they have a good water source available too.
I also strongly advise minimising their freedom to exercise in the heat of the day. Dogs tend to not know their own limits and can overheat by overexercising easily. Ideally keep them in a cool place and don't encourage exercise until the cooler parts of the day. If you are looking for a product to encourage rehydration then Oralade Hydrate Plus may be more suitable.

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