Novartis Rearguard for Rabbits

Novartis Rearguard for Rabbits
25ml Bottle

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Novartis Rearguard is an aid to prevent Blowfly strike on domestic rabbits from the age of 10 weeks. Rear Guard is effective through preventing any fly eggs from hatching into maggots. It does not kill maggots or repel flies. Flies will tend to lay their eggs on the rear end of rabbits if they are moist and unclean. This is usually down to diarrhoea or incontinence. Although Rear Guard will prevent fly strike for 10 weeks after application, it is still worth trying to deal with any underlying problem too. Diarrhoea is often a dietary problem and can respond to an increased fibre and lower carbohydrate diet. Veterinary advice regarding this should be taken where appropriate.

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18 May 2022 at 4:06pm

Rear Guard


Is it safe for Bunny, as she is licking the Rear Guard after application ?

many thanks


  • VioVet Staff

There is no information in the datasheet regarding self-grooming after application. Rabbits naturally self groom frequently and so it is highly likely the manufacturers expected this, the lack of specific information means it is highly likely not an issue.. If only ingested in small quantities it is very unlikely this will cause any problems.

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