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NAF Five Star Respirator for Horses

NAF Five Star Respirator for Horses NAF Five Star Respirator for Horses NAF Five Star Respirator for Horses
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NAF Respirator provides the essential ingredients used in the body's natural defenses against airborne irritants, including spores, pollen and dust. A potent antioxidant supplement, NAF Respirator can be used over sustained periods of time to provide long-lasting, effective relief and comfort.



Aqua, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Glycerine.


Grass meal, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Bitter orange peel (ripe), Milk thistle seeds, Dextrose, Gingko leaves, Omicha berries, Hawthorne berries, Blueberries, Brewers' yeast, Rosehip shells, Turmeric, Dandelion leaves, Rosemary, Ginger, Licorice,White mineral oil, Fructo-oligosaccharides,Wheat protein.



I-Ascorbic 65000 mg
Milk thistle tincture 62.8 ml
Ginger tincture 61.3 ml
Gingko tincture 61.3 ml
Omicha tincture 38.8 ml
Hawthorne berry tincture 30.5 ml
Blueberry tincture 21.9 ml
Astragalus tincture 20 ml
Echinacea tincture 20 ml
Turmeric tincture 10.3 ml
Rosemary tincture 8.25 ml
Licorice tincture 6.19 ml
Oregano tincture 1.65 ml
Clove leaf oil 0.35 ml
Eucalyptus oil 0.35 ml


Amino acids
l-Arginine 3c3.6.1 2950 mg
Vitamin A E 672 45000 I.U.
Vitamin C E 300 65300 mg
Vitamin D3 E 671 5000 I.U.
Vitamin E 1380 mg
Digestibility Enhancer
Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 493.94 4a1704 1.49 x 109 cfu



Protein 0.7%
Fat 0.1 %
Ash 0.4 %
Crude Fibre 0.4 %
Moisture 81.9 %
Sodium 390 mg/lt


Protein 12.2%
Fat 4.4%
Ash 5.4%
Crude Fibre 13.7%
Sodium 990 mg/kg

Feeding guidelines


Horses & Ponies Loading rate - (1-10 days)* 60
Horses & Ponies Maintenance 30

* repeat Loading Rate as required

Maintenance levels may be adjusted to suit the individual, and are not necessarily related to bodyweight.


Weight g per day scoops per day
Maintenance rate 33 1
Loading rate 66 2
Maintenance rate 16.5 1/2
Loading rate 33 1

For competition we also recommend additional suport from Respirator Boost.

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Reviews (21)

Summary of Reviews for NAF Five Star Respirator for Horses

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Ease Of Use
Value For Money
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55 Excellent product
Verified Purchase

By on 20 November 2020

We gave her the 10 day loading course and then reduced within 5 days she was a lot better lively in herself and a lot less of a wheeze. She now has no wheeze and she is a lot better.

Customer recommends this product

55 Made a real difference - can't stop using it!
Verified Purchase

By on 16 November 2020

This really works. My cob wheezes very badly and has allergies. Rao symptoms. Much worse when his head was down. Affected him ridden and out in field. Before I got vet I tried this. Within three days it made a big difference and my friend noticed as we were riding out. If you stop using it you'll soon notice it within a few days! I found it much cheaper on viovet too. Strongly recommend this product! Don't think he's massively keen on the taste but it's not a large amount and he soon got used to it.

Customer recommends this product

55 Great stuff!
Verified Purchase

By on 22 April 2020

My gelding was coughing due to dust and spores whilst being stabled more in the winter. We couldn't get through a schooling session without a few coughing fits. Only downfall is if you order bigger bottles you need to find a scoop or something to measure the quantity. Other than that it's definitely worked for my horse. Top stuff.

Customer recommends this product

35 Stable cough
Verified Purchase

By on 17 April 2020

Took the whole bottle to work, plus the horses were turned out on grass the first week of using it. I personally find that Coffless works much better, but it has been unavailable all winter.

Customer recommends this product

55 Five star respirator
Verified Purchase

By on 18 October 2019

Excellent product. My horse isn’t coughing at all.

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding NAF Five Star Respirator for Horses, including answers from our team.

23 September 2020 at 9:12pm

Safe to use alongside bute?


Horse been seen by vet today-respiratory supplement recommended. Is on a sachet of bute daily for arthritis. Will this be ok to use?

  • VioVet Staff

Yes this supplement is perfectly safe to use alongside bute (phenylbutazone).

3 September 2020 at 4:36am

For a horse that just coughs through a warm up


My horse just coughs everytime I get on and warm up, never heard him cough in the stable, or when he’s being lunged it’s literally just when he gets ridden and it means he needs to pull his head down lots and clear his throat. Would this product be good for him as I am currently using the Kofeve and it doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference to his cough. Thanks in advance

  • VioVet Staff

Respiratory support supplements like this help with allergic/asthmatic/inflammatory airway diseases by supporting normal immune system function. Often horses with this issue are coughing at any time or their respiratory effort is a higher than normal even at rest. If your horse is only coughing on excercise then this can be a structural issues with the airways such as that with the larynx. If the problem is mild then it is worth trying a respiratory supplement like this but you may need to see your vet to ultimately resolve the issue.

18 August 2020 at 7:36am

Liquid or powder


  • VioVet customer since 2015
  • From: East Sussex, United Kingdom

I have been using the boost liquid at 30 ml per day for four years, I know it helps because I've stopped as a trial previously and symptoms returned. My 20 year old mare doesn't cough but breathes very heavily after a canter, which is worse in summer, over the last few weeks this has become worse (maybe the excessive heat), I have just increased the boost to 60ml per day, is the powder or the liquid better, I'm confused as to which I should be using or both as the powder does advise using the liquid in addition sometimes? I will call vet if it persists but in all other ways she looks and is amazing, and doesn't look anywhere near her 20 years.

  • VioVet Staff

It's great to hear your Mare is doing so well. The NAF Five Star Respirator powder is more comprehensive and contains more ingredients so I would advise using this as the base product you are using if possible. The liquid can then be used as a top up if necessary.
If the breathing issues are consistently on exercise then this can be a laryngeal issue, I would recommend contacting your vet if it doesn't improve on the powder or if the problem worsens.

15 July 2020 at 5:53pm

Safe for broodmares ?


Is the NAF Respirator Boost safe for broodmares - foal at foot and back in foal again. Thanks

  • VioVet Staff

Yes this product is perfectly safe for pregnant and lactating horses, including your broodmare.

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