Malaseb Dog Shampoo

Malaseb Dog Shampoo
250ml Bottle

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Malaseb is a shampoo containing chlorhexidine and miconazole. It is used to treat skin conditions in dogs where an overgrowth of bacteria or yeasts are present. This can happen in a variety of different skin conditions. On some occasions a course of treatment can provide a complete cure, but often regular periodic treatment is needed to prevent recurrence. It is important to apply Malaseb correctly to gain full effect. Firstly water should be applied to wet the coat, then Malaseb is added and worked into a lather over the skin. This should the be gently worked into the skin to ensure good contact is achieved. Particular importance should be attached to the skin near the lips, under the tail and between the toes. The lather then needs to be left to soak on the skin for a full 10 minutes. After this the Malaseb should be rinsed off using lots of luke-warm water. The dog should then be kept in a warm place until the coat has dried.

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45 Prescription shampoo
Verified Purchase

By on 15 May 2023

It works but its time consuming and a slow process keeping the shampoo on the dog for 15mins, is a long time for dog to wait. It must be even more difficult if the dog doesn't like being bathed, at least my dog likes a bath but doesn't like to hang around for 15mins waiting for the shampoo to be rinsed off.

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55 Miracle shampoo
Verified Purchase

By on 28 November 2022

It is the best shampoo ever. I was devastated 😢 when it was out of stock at the vet . We were using substitute one, but my dog got a strong allergy reaction . I don't know what I would do without Malaseb. Probably I would spend lots of money on antibiotics . I have a westie dog, so his skin is very sensitive 🥺. Thank you very much .

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55 Calendar Girl
Verified Purchase

By on 1 July 2021

Bella came into Westie Rescue with a very bad case of Malassezia which her owners were unable to cope with. She had been given the right food and tablets but they were using an off the shelf shampoo. She had virtually no hair and her skin was black, scaly and very sore, she constantly scratched and nibbled at her skin making it bleed. I started her on Malaseb baths twice a week and within 10 days she showed a significant hair regrowth. Malassezia is a lifelong condition which can be managed with regular Malaseb treatment, her coat now is so perfect that she has even featured on a Calendar for the Rescue! I usually get the shampoo from my Vet but when he was unable to supply it, and having used VioVet for other products, I got it on prescription at a far cheaper price! Very happy all round.

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45 Expensive but effective
Verified Purchase

By on 27 January 2019

My boy has atopic dermatitis, he needs weekly baths and footsoaks every couple of days. Shampoo is easy to apply,doesn’t smell , and helps soothe his itch

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45 Malaseb antigungal shampoo
Verified Purchase

By on 5 November 2018

Very Thick, difficult to use on long-laired, double-coated dog like rough collie. with repeated use dog is whinging during ten minutes the treatment takes. Good effects visible, though.

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Malaseb Dog Shampoo, including answers from our team.

19 October 2021 at 8:57am

Does it need diluting


Does the shampoo need diluting?

  • VioVet Staff

Yes this shampoo should be lathered onto the skin with water. The datasheet states the following:
the animal thoroughly with clean water and apply Malaseb shampoo to the
animal at several points and massage into the coat. Use a sufficient
amount of the shampoo to raise a lather on the coat and skin. Ensure
that the shampoo is applied around the lips, under the tail and between
the toes. Allow the animal to stand for 10 minutes, then rinse off with
clean water and leave to dry naturally in a warm, draught-free

The 250 ml
bottle, for example, provides approximately 8-16 treatments for a 15 kg
dog, or 5-10 treatments for a 25 kg dog or 25 cat treatments, depending
on coat thickness.

25 August 2015 at 5:48pm

Not got prescription how do i get it

Susie Ferran

  • VioVet customer since 2014
  • From: South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

I need malaseb shampoo but don't have prescription, how do I go about getting it ? X

  • VioVet Staff

You need to ask your vet to write a prescription for you, then send us a copy of the prescription. We cannot supply you without that.

4 February 2015 at 8:45pm



Does this shampoo work on mites?

  • VioVet Staff

This shampoo is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal but it has no direct effect on mites. These days mites are more easily controlled with appropriate spot-on treatments. (Most itchy dogs do not have mites though and your vet will be able to advise you on suitable treatments.)

4 September 2014 at 11:17am

Malaseb shampoo

Joan Downes

  • VioVet customer since 2010
  • From: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

does it cure it

  • VioVet Staff

Malaseb is usually used to help clear bacterial or fungal infections of the skin. Repeated use is normally needed, and sometimes antibiotic tablets care give too. It is certainly possible for the infection to be cleared completely and to never come back. However there are lots of other factors involved with skin infection and irritation. Depending on the individual patient, recovery may be partial or temporary. It is very likely that the situation will be much improved by using Malaseb, whatever else is going on, if a complete cure is not possible. It depends largely on the cause in the first place.

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