Isaderm (formerly Fuciderm) Gel for Dogs

Isaderm (formerly Fuciderm) Gel for Dogs
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Isaderm Gel (previously called Fuciderm Gel) is a skin gel used to treat infected and itchy skin problems in dogs. Isaderm contains an antibiotic (fusidic acid) and a steroid (betamethasone) which between them can kill infection and relieve itching. The antibiotic is able to penetrate into skin to kill bacteria below the surface. The steroid also penetrates into skin and helps to reduce further licking and scratching which some dogs will do excessively, making the problem much worse. Isaderm Gel is effective for hot spots, wet eczema (exudative dermatitis) and superficial pyoderma. A thin layer is applied twice daily for several days usually. Gloves should be worn to apply Isaderm (or the operator will receive a treatment too!)

Shelf life once immediate packaging is opened: 6 weeks.

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55 Isaderm for dogs with sore paws
Verified Purchase

By on 19 June 2023

It works very well on my Bichon Cross. He is a nervous little chap who sometimes chews his feet. I make sure I keep his feet as clean as possible ( not easy) and put Isaderm on at night when we are on the settee watching telly. I put toddlers socks on him to let the gel work properly. It really helps. If you buy it from the vet direct it costs an awful lot more.

Customer recommends this product

55 Super Cream for Sore Bits
Verified Purchase

By on 31 May 2023

This product is great. Especially combined with CLX Wipes. Sore areas, like creases of skin that have become uncomfortable. Clean with the wipes and dry, place a thin layer of cream & then dry. Calms these areas down almost over night.

Customer recommends this product

55 Isaderm
Verified Purchase

By on 19 April 2023

The product works well for my cat after trying so many medications for his allergy. I would like to thank the team for sending me products with a longer expiry dates. I requested this by mail and your team responded very promptly. Thank you again. Kat

Customer recommends this product

45 Great product
Verified Purchase

By on 30 March 2023

Great product has really help clear up the problem

Customer recommends this product

45 Isaderm(fuciderm)
Verified Purchase

By on 8 March 2022


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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Isaderm (formerly Fuciderm) Gel for Dogs, including answers from our team.

24 April 2022 at 11:03am

Fur loss


I was prescribed this cream for my dog but there is now loss of fur around the areas where it has been applied - is this normal? Thank you

  • VioVet Staff

The datasheet for this medication states the following:
Prolonged and intensive use of topical corticosteroid preparations or treatment of a large cutaneous surface (>10%) is known to trigger local or systemic effects including suppression of adrenal function, thinning of the epidermis and delayed healing. Locally applied steroids may cause depigmentation of the skin.
The hair is not specifically mentioned here. If you are noticing hair loss it is worth discussing this with your vet, it may be a sign of the underlying condition you are treating.

22 April 2022 at 10:10am



Hi my staffy has grass and wheat allergies and when his paws were really bad he was prescribed isaderm, Piriton,and coatex shampoos once a week and it cleared up so their was only slight itching. Now pollen season is back and his paws are starting to get irritated again is their an alternative otc version i can buy instead of the vet visit and another prescription ?
Many Thanks

  • VioVet Staff

There is no over the counter equivalent to this medication unfortunately. It contains an anti-bacterial and a steroid to reduce the need to itch itself (by working as an anti-inflammatory). I recommend reading our blog on allergies, link provided here, for over the counter options and tips on helping the issue.

8 December 2021 at 11:29pm

Dog has sore eyes


Will this help my dog he has a tumour on the outside of his eye it’s red and sore

  • VioVet Staff

Isaderm is a prescription only medication so you should contact your vet for advice on how to use the product. They will need to write you a written prescription for us to dispense it to you.

17 April 2021 at 7:37pm

Paw application


How long after applying will the gel be absorbed and my dog is safe to lock her paws. My dog has false pads with hyperkeratosis. Is this an effective treatment?

  • VioVet Staff

This product contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial medication that is intended for treating dermatitis in dogs. Unless there is an inflammatory or infectious component to your dog's hyperkeratosis then it is unlikely to help with the condition.
It starts to be absorbed by the skin pretty quickly but you should still deter your dog from licking the site, any licking of areas with dermatitis will only worsen the problem.
It is also a prescription only medication so you will need a written prescription from your vet to purchase it with us.

11 March 2021 at 1:08pm

If he was to lick the area


Hi would my dog be ok if he had licked the area were the cream had been used

  • VioVet Staff

A small amount of this cream licked off should cause no issues but if your dog is routinely ingesting the product then this could be dangerous, plus it would have no effect on the skin it is meant to stay on. I advise trying to prevent the licking such as with a buster collar.

11 September 2020 at 9:10pm



Is this product painful for a dog? My vet has prescribed me to use this on my dogs superficial open wound near his mouth, I don't know if he will find it painful when applied, like TCP for a human would be.

  • VioVet Staff

This product should not be painful when applied correctly. It helps to reduce inflammation and treat any infection on skin it is applied to.

1 July 2020 at 1:35pm



How long does it take to work on dogs?

  • VioVet Staff

The ingredients in Isaderm will start working within a few hours and start to fade after 12 hours, therefore twice daily application is often required. You may not see an improvement in your pet's condition for a few days as the ingredients will take time to overcome the disease your pet has. For example, an infection will require repeated doses to clear.
You should always follow your vets advice regarding doseages and course length.

30 July 2018 at 4:58pm


Alison Johnson

Can I use this cream on a small patch of irritated skin under my dogs neck ...think her collers been rubbing

  • VioVet Staff

Hello Alison,

Isaderm contains an antibiotic and a steriod which is usually used in infections and to relieve itching. Isaderm is a POM-V product and we do require a prescription for this medication, prior to dispensing. I would advise you to have a consultation with your veterinary surgeon to see if this cream would be suitable.

I hope this helps.

26 November 2015 at 9:51pm

Ear infection - Bullmastiff


hello, my dog suffers with his ears as hes a bullmastiff, this is the cream i can use for inside them isnt it?

Thank you

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Lianne, I'd recommend taking him to your vet if your dogs ears are infected, as he will be able to prescribe an appropriate treatment for him. This may or may not be Isaderm, but as Isaderm is a prescription only product, we can only supply it if we receive a copy of a prescription from your vet. If your dog requires ongoing treatment, we may be able to save you a good amount money if you ask your vet for a repeat prescription.

Once the infection has cleared up, regular cleaning with a product such as RestAural will help to prevent further infections, but it should not be used on infected ears with broken skin, so it's important to speak to your vet first, and find out why he has trouble with them. I hope this helps!

22 November 2015 at 2:34pm

Can it be used on open wound

VioVet Visitor

Can it be used on open wound

  • VioVet Staff

It depends how open the wound is. This is not intended to be used on a "lacerated" wound - where there is a deep cut through the skin. It can be used on an eroded or superficially ulcerated wound which might well look very sore and be weeping/oozing serum and some blood. It helps to reduce self-trauma, usually caused by excessive scratching/licking/biting by the dog itself. If in doubt, you must always check with your own vet about this sort of thing.

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