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Hibiscrub Skin Cleanser

Hibiscrub Skin Cleanser Hibiscrub Skin Cleanser Hibiscrub Skin Cleanser
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Hibiscrub is a powerful antiseptic solution, often used in hospitals to discourage harmful bacteria. It is not, however, intended to aid healing and should NOT be applied to open or angry wounds. Hibiscrub contains chlorhexidine gluconate which is effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, some fungi and viruses, so it is often used post-surgery to sterilise the body (avoiding the wound site). Before using Hibiscrub on your pet, always read the instructions carefully and get vet advice on its suitability. For general cleaning, only use Hibiscrub in diluted form as it can exacerbate skin problems and cause irritation. Best used for sterilising and not healing.

Please note: The dispenser pump is only available for the 500ml bottle and is sold separately.

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55 Fab product
Verified Purchase

By on 14 May 2020

Used to soak dogs paws for allergy reactions, cleared up quickly and great value for money

Customer recommends this product

55 Good stuff
Verified Purchase

By on 18 February 2019

I always like to have a bottle in the dog cupboard, it is so useful in so many ways.

Customer recommends this product

55 Great product, have been using this for minor wounds for years!
Verified Purchase

By on 27 January 2019

Great product

Customer recommends this product

45 Hibiscrub
Verified Purchase

By on 27 November 2018

Always a good product. Reliable

Customer recommends this product

55 This is a must for sore skin
Verified Purchase

By on 25 August 2018

I use this for my cat who gets a very scabby chin through scratching. I use once a day , only the tiniest amount , with warm water and cotton wool. The problem is soon sorted. Lasts for a long time.

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Hibiscrub Skin Cleanser, including answers from our team.

30 October 2019 at 10:25pm

Human acne


I read you can use this product for acne-human skin. Is this true? If so how exactly do you use it? Is it a soap/cleanser / does it need rinsing or diluting? Thanks in advance

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Kim,

Hibiscrub is intended to be used diluted, however if you wish to use it on your skin and have concerns about acne, the best thing to do would be to speak to your doctor or a dermatologist who specialises in skin care. There can be many factors involved and you should be able to work with them to identify the cause and help find a solution.

Best wishes,


9 September 2019 at 8:06pm

Thrush in horses


Hi, my pony has thrush and this product was recommended to clean his feet before applying spray. I would like to know what harmful ingredients are in hibiscrub and how harmful they are and how much i need to dilute it before applying, please.
Thank you

  • VioVet Staff

The active ingredient in Hibiscrub, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, can cause skin irritation if not diluted effectively. There is no exact science to how much you should dilute it but usually one small splash in a small bowl of water is enough- so that the water becomes a very pale pink. As a rough guide 1 part hibiscrub to 10 parts water is more than enough.

14 January 2019 at 9:47pm

Hibiscus dilution

Hilary Smith

how much should I dilute hibiscrub to bathe my dogs foot in

  • VioVet Staff


Thank you for getting in touch.

There is no definite dilution rules but it is generally 1 part Hibiscrub to 10 parts water.

Hope that helps,


19 February 2018 at 1:38pm



how do you apply it

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Ethan,

Thank you for your question.

You need to dilute the Hibiscrub with water and then rub it on your pet. It must not be applied to open or angry wounds.

Hope that helps,


7 May 2015 at 7:16pm

Green discharge on penis


My dog has a build up of light green discharge on his penis, the vet has said it quite normal and recommended diluted hibisrub, will this be ok?

  • VioVet Staff

The discharge is normal, but you can wash it off with and an antiseptic product is sensible. Hibiscrub is fine but I would use only a very dilute solution, and then rinse it off very well afterwards with warm water.

16 April 2014 at 3:18pm

Acney on her chin

My cats chin

Iv been 2 the vets with my cat who has Acney under her chin the vet prescribed hibiscrubsolution to put in water wash the area twice a day Iv been charged £7.20 for a very small amount can u suggest anything els ? Pls

  • VioVet Staff

Hibiscrub is very good for this so I would not change it. We sell a 500ml bottle for just £6.52, so I would suggest staying with Hibiscrub but buying it more economically.

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