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GastroGard for Horses

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GastroGard is used to treat equine stomach ulceration. It is supplied by syringe to be dosed directly into the horse's mouth. The plunger is graduated and has a mechanism to deliver the correct dose according to the bodyweight of the horse. One dose is normally given every day for a month to treat the problem, then a further month at a quarter of the dose rate to prevent recurrence. Stomach ulceration in the horse is best monitored by gastroscopy. GastroGard can be used in foals from 4 weeks of age. Sometimes the lower dose rate is used as a preventative in situations where ulceration has not yet occurred, but is judged to be a significant risk. Contains Omeprazole.

GastroGard side effects are very uncommon. It is not recommended for use in pregnant mares and should be used with caution in horses on warfarin. (A lower dose of warfarin might be needed.)

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10th Jun 2015
  • VioVet Customer Since: September 2014
  • From: Midlothian, United Kingdom

Can I please check dosage rate - is it one syringe a day typically?

  • Non-Executive Director

This depends on the size of the horse and the reason for giving the product. You always give a dose once per day. This is one syringe per day for a horse weighing 575kg to be treated for gastric ulceration. The syringes are graduated so that you can give less for a smaller horse's weight. If you are giving it as a preventative then you give a quarter dose once per day, so any horse would only need part of a syringe. There is a way of giving the correct amount as long as you know the weight of your horse.

Do I need a prescription?

19th Apr 2015

My horse exhibits all the signs of gastric ulcers, poor performance, right hind turned out and tries to kick you if you touch his stomach on the right hand side in front of the stifle and girthing has become dangerous with being bitten and kicked. He was scoped a year ago and no ulcers were found. He has since had periods of box rest and limited turnout and the above behaviour has been a result of this. My question is, do I need a prescription to use this product? I've tried many others with some success but the problems never go away. Help!

  • Non-Executive Director

GastroGard is indeed a prescription product. You need to talk to your vet and see if he agrees. If so then send us a prescription with your order and we can then supply the GastroGard.