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Dorwest Kelp Seaweed Tablets for Dogs & Cats

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Suitable for cats and dogs, Dorwest Kelp Seaweed is a licensed herbal medicine (AVM-GSL) authorised by the VMD, which uses a traditional formula to create an effective herbal supplement. Dorwest Kelp Seaweed boasts over 37 different minerals, vitamins and trace elements to provide comprehensive nutrition designed to support your pet's optimal condition. Containing superb levels of Sulphur, Calcium, Iodine, Zinc, Iron, and Magnesium, Dorwest Kelp Seaweed Tablets contain both Kelp extract and Kelp powder for high efficacy. An ideal way to complete canine and feline nutrition without increasing daily feed intake, Dorwest Kelp Seaweed Tablets are ideal for balancing a reduced calorie diet.


Fucus Vesiculosis 150mg; Extract of Fucus Vesiculosis 5:1 20mg.

Feeding Guidelines

1 tablet per 5kgs bodyweight daily.

Precautions: Due to its high iodine content, not recommended for animals below 5kgs in weight or those with a thyroid condition, except on veterinary advice. Give sparingly during hot weather to animals that are prone to skin problems associated with over-heating.

  • Use during pregnancy and lactation: Yes
  • Age from which can be used: 8 weeks of age
  • Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with any other medication
  • Long or short term use: May be given indefinitely if required
  • Sugar coated tablet: Yes

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Bad breath in dogs

19th Jun 2015
g whitehead

Will the tablets work for bad breath

  • Non-Executive Director

This depends on the cause of the bad breath. Usually (sorry for the graphic detail) this is bacteria living in the mouth on the dirty surface of teeth, especially in pockets just below the gum line. Where that is the case, the problem is more oral hygiene than anything else. Regular brushing with a soft toothbrush (dipped in clean water, or pet toothpaste) is by far the best treatment. Anything else might help but is not as good. Logic oral gel placed into the mouth or even added to food can help. Occasionally bad breath has a different cause, but that is quite rare so I would have to assume the above applies. Giving chewy foods and treats is great too, but you have to find something appropriate. Dried, 100% meaty chews are good. Crunchy biscuits are usually terrible. (Try crunching a digestive biscuit then deciding how clean your teeth are. Small crumbs mixed with saliva are not great for this.) Hills t/d food is an exception. I would try those ideas first.