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Domosedan for Horses

  • 3ml Gel (Syringe 7.5mg/ml) £32.99
  • 5ml Multidose Bottle (for injection) £86.50
  • 20ml Multidose Bottle (for injection) £313.49

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This product is sourced in the United Kingdom and is intended for use in the United Kindgom only.

Domosedan is a sedative given to horses. It can be used to help with clipping, dental rasping and other minor procedures in animals which are otherwise uncooperative. The dose must be calculated carefully and an accurate estimate of the horse's weight is needed for this. The advice of the prescribing veterinary surgeon should be followed at all times.

To ensure properly controlled use of this powerful sedative, we require the original prescription to be sent to us by post and we will telephone the prescribing vet to verify the details on the prescription.

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Mild sedation needed

4th Apr 2015
Lucy Oldfield
  • VioVet Customer Since: April 2015
  • From: South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hi , I have a very sharp 4yr old warmblood. Just started to compete him and he's absolutely nuts! He rears, tanks and in generally really uncooperative. At home he is fine, he was cut late and I think it all blows his head off. I don't feel that normal calmers will work. I have a competition in 1 week and need help, thank you

  • Non-Executive Director

This is such a difficult one because different horses seem to respond to different products and it is quite unpredictable. Zylkene works well for some and it can be given along with any of the herbal calmers if needed. I would try that, but it is inevitably a bit of trial and error, plus thoughtful and skillful schooling. Best of luck!